JROTC Photos

JROTC photos will be taken during your JROTC class on Apr 20 and Apr 27.

Grade Recovery

Attention all cadets:

If you received a “D” or an “F” in any class for the third nine weeks we are again offering grade recovery through contracts.  Please see your teacher for a contract ASAP!   If your teacher gave you a contract or gives you a contract to recover your grade for the third nine weeks on line, the after school classes start this Wednesday April 4th, at 2:15 in the Media Center.  As before classes are every Monday and Wednesday from 2:15-4:15 in the media center.  You must attend at least 4 classes and complete the program with a 75% or higher to have your grade improved.  Online classes include the core academics only.  It is your responsibility to attend and see that all work is completed and done by the deadline in order to improve your third nine weeks grade to a 75%/C! If you have further questions please see Major Crandall, Major Mccarty, or Captain Kearns.

Summerlin Rifle Team wins Back to Back county championships!

Congratulations to the rifle team for winning back to back county championships and 3 out of the last 4 years!

Volunteer for Bucs games

Parents if you’re interested in volunteering at Bucs games this season you have to attend the training.  You only have to attend the training once every 3 yrs.  If you’re interested please contact Kim Crandall at kim.crandall@polk-fl.net See attached flyer for more information.

NPO Training Dates – 2017 Season

Summerlin Academy Rifle Team Wins Back to Back State Championships!

The Summerlin Academy Rifle Team won the Army JROTC Florida State Marksmanship Championship at the State Rifle Match held at Island Coast High School, Cape Coral, Florida Saturday, April 22, 2017.  The meet is hosted annually by the US Army Cadet Command, 6th Brigade, ROTC headquartered at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia and the Florida American Legion.

The competition hosted 28 champion teams from around the state in a head to head 3 position competition.  The teams consist of four persons firing .177 caliber compressed air rifles at two inch Olympic targets on a ten meter range.  The cadets shoot ten targets in three positions under timed limits.  The positions are prone (lying flat), standing, and kneeling. Each target carries a value of ten points with the bull’s-eye slightly larger than a pin point.  The teams strive to achieve a total of 1200 possible points.  Summerlin’s winning cumulative score was 1052/1200. Competition was extremely close between the top five teams with Summerlin taking top honors by one point!!

CHIP Committee and Fund

CHIP Committee and Fund

Mission Statement:

Jackie Rivera      Student project supplies contact

Kim Crandall       CPT liaison

Ann McCarty      Coordinator

Jen Barthel         Supplies Procurement/Warehouse and  12th grade contact

Justin Martin      10th grade contact

Lisa Durham       9th grade contact

Derek Keating   Sports/extracurricular contact

Zac Smith             Guest member/Intern

Sue Kearns         11th grade contact

The CHIP Committee/Fund was established August 2016 and named after the first donor to the fund Richard Ritz.  The fund takes donations of any kind to help students with school based needs.  Cash/Check funds are held in the CPT banking account, and reviewed monthly at the CPT meeting held at SA Media Center.  These funds will be used on a as needed basis for cadets in need of items to help with schooling and education.

There will be a box in the media center and small forms for anyone to fill-out that is aware of a needy cadet, the form will ask for the cadet’s name and the need that the cadet has.  These will be anonymously put in the box.

Items can be anything from personal health products (deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.) to project items for class projects, to clothing, etc.

Funds/items will be released with completed request form with at least two signatures other than the one than the referral one.  These forms will be made available to anyone who would like to see them and a copy will be left on school premises.

Do you need additional Summerlin clothing items?

If you need to order additional uniform items from Captain’s Council.  Please send your cadet with a check or exact cash in an envelope with their name and the order (with sizes) written on the outside.  Have them drop it off to Major (Hon) Crandall (rm 95-121, back of the quad) do not disturb her class.  It will be put together and given to them within 48-72 hours (hopefully).


Price List:

Sport Polo – $30 (sizes XS – XL)
T-shirts- 1 for $15, 2 for $22.50 (sizes sm – 4xl)

PT Shorts $10 (sizes sm – 2xl) (out of XS)

Package bundle: 1 polo, 2 t-shirts, 1 shorts $55

Black Hoodie: $25

Tervis Cups with either orange or blue lid : $25

Tervis water Bottle:  $30

Summerlin Backpack:  $25 (limited quantities)

Summerlin Magnet or Car Decal:  $5