PSAT (pre-SAT) for Juniors on TBD

PSAT-2013-flyer (2)


ASVAB is required for all Juniors at Summerlin. This test will be given on TBD at Summerlin during the school day. Your student can study for  this exam via the study guide book given or the website march2success.com. No sign up is needed.

ASVAB will also be available for our Seniors who would like to retake the exam. Seniors only will be given TBD during the school day. Sign up will be available TBD in the Summerlin office.


ACT/SAT Test Dates 



You should have taken the SAT or ACT already. If you have not and you plan on going to college, you must sign up right way. If you have taken the test, I encourage you to retake  to better your score. You are shooting for an ACT 26 Composite and SAT 1170 (Reading/Math) for the FMS Bright Futures Scholarship.



ACT: actstudent.org


SAT: www.sat.collegeboard.com